Why You Need Dental Exams and Cleanings

Why You Need Dental Exams and Cleanings

Jan 08, 2021

Although most people ignore it, oral health plays an integral part of your overall wellness. Poor oral health opens the door to several health problems like decay and gum infection. These problems pose a risk not only to your gums and teeth but also to your overall health.

Gum disease has been linked to other health problems like heart disease and diabetes. That is why dentists and other health care professionals recommend proper dental health practices. Chief among the preventive dental practices recommended are dental exam and cleaning.

The ADA advises all people, both children, and adults, to get dental checkups and cleanings every six months, and here is why:

1. Early Cancer Detection

As part of your regular dental checkup, our dentist in San Pablo, CA, will perform an oral cancer screening. This is a routine procedure recommended by the Oral Cancer Foundation. Although it is not a diagnostic tool, oral cancer screening helps with early detection. This will increase your chances of starting treatment early and defeating the disease.

2. Prevent Decay and Gum disease

Although you brush and floss daily, at times, you may leave behind food particles and plaques. These provide the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply, increasing your risk of decay and gum infection.

With regular cleaning, the dentist will clean the gums and remove any plaque buildup.

3. Preserves Your Teeth

Decay and gum disease can cause loss of teeth. Once you lose your permanent teeth, you will have to look for other dental treatments to replace them. Leaving the gaps unfilled for an extended period will weaken your teeth and jaw.

Preserving your natural teeth is paramount, not only for your appearance but also because it prevents other dental problems. Through regular exams, the dentist can detect the early onset of cavities and start treatment.

4. Detect Dental Problems Early

Some people visit the dentist when they have a dental problem, which is usually too late. Having regular checkups and cleaning will enable the dentist to detect any problem early and start proper treatment on time. This will save you time and money that you could have used on expensive restorative and cosmetic treatments.

5. Preserves Your Smile

During the routine cleaning, the dentist will remove any accumulated plaques and stains from the teeth. This will leave your teeth looking beautiful and bright. Also, by preventing decay, your teeth will remain intact. Missing teeth are unsightly and damper your confidence.

What is Included?

When you visit us, the dentist will perform different procedures:

  • Comprehensive dental exams

This involves using modern dental equipment and x-rays to examine your gums and teeth. Some of the dental problems can go undetected with an x-ray, and that is why, at times, we use CT scans, among other diagnostic tools. The dentist will also review your medical and drug history.

  • Dental cleaning

Our hygienist will then clean your gum and teeth. We may use a scaler to get rid of tartar buildup from beneath the gum line. Next, the hygienist will use an electric brush to deep clean your gums and teeth. expert flossing may be performed and teeth polished.

  • Oral cancer screening

During your mouth cancer screening, the dentist will perform both the physical and visual exams. A physical test involves touching the mouth to check for any abnormal lumps.

The visual exam is done using light and a mirror. The dentist will check for any abnormal lacerations and immobile tissues.

After the screening, further tests, such as biopsy, may be recommended. A biopsy involves taking tissues for further assessment if it is cancerous or not.

Oral cancer screening is recommended for all adults but is more beneficial to people at risk of developing oral cancer.

What Happens After the Checkup?

Once the examination and cleaning are complete, the dentist may recommend further treatments. Some of the treatments include teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, and dental sealants, among others. We will also discuss and give you tips for maintaining proper oral health.

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