Why Teeth Whitening Should Only Be Performed by a Dentist

Why Teeth Whitening Should Only Be Performed by a Dentist

Sep 01, 2022

Who doesn’t want an attractive white smile? Professional teeth whitening is among the common dental procedures done every year to help keep your smile looking bright.

Over time, drinking red wine, coffee, aging, and smoking cigarettes may stain your teeth as certain medicines such as tetracycline. So, if you’re searching for a method to brighten your smile, tooth whitening might be the right option.

What are Teeth Whitening?

This is a procedure performed by a dentist near you or done at home where one of two surfaces bleaches carbide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is used to break up and eliminate stains on the teeth. When hydrogen peroxide is placed on the teeth, the oxygen molecules work in the stains. Based on the concentration in the solution, you’ll notice 1-2 shades of a difference in the teeth’s whiteness.

Stains can be both external and internal. External are visible on the outer layer of enamel, mainly caused by your diet. Internal stains are what you are born with and develop as you grow.

Why Get It Done by a Dentist?

If you’re looking for an effective, fast, and safe way to get your teeth bleached, you’ll get them done by a professional dentist. A dentist ensures you’re a good candidate for whitening, for many might not assess you. Our dentists in iSmile Dental San Pablo ensure dentally and gum health is in the right condition before recommending teeth whitening.

Also, the concentrations of bleach in the dentist’s office are stronger than in others and help whiten your teeth quickly.

Professional Teeth Procedure

During your teeth whitening appointment in San Pablo, CA, your dentist determines and records the pre-operative shade directed by a shade guide and take records by taking photographs. Then you’re given a polish with flour-based pumice and the dentist’s rinses and suctions. Cheek retractors are placed to help keep the cheeks and lips away.

Next, the teeth are dried, and the dentist applies a gingival barrier to the lower and upper teeth along the gum line to isolate and protect the gums and keep them clean. However, sometimes extra isolation may be placed using a cotton roll under the bottom and top lip in the sulcus area.

A special curing light is used in a fanning motion for 20 seconds until the gingival barrier is hardened and set. Next, your dentist applies the whitening gel to your teeth and uses a small brush to spread it. The gel is left on for a minimum of eight minutes. If required, the gel may be left on for 15 minutes per application to optimize the results.

After eight to 15 minutes, the gel is removed with cotton rolls and gauze. The steps are repeated several times to achieve the desired results for teeth whitening. After the last application, the dentist suctions and washes the gel off. Then, the gauze, cotton rolls, and gingival barrier are removed. The final photos are taken, and the last shade is recorded. Finally, your teeth are whiter, brighter, and look amazing.

Professional Take-Home Whitening Kit

Your dentist in San Pablo, CA, takes impressions of your lower and upper teeth with plastic mouth trays of alienate material. Then, plaster is poured into the images to form the right plaster casts of your teeth. Next, the custom-made whitening mouth trays are fabricated on the plaster casts. Then, your dentist will teach and give instructions on using whitening trays and a take-home whitening kit.

Other Whitening Products

There are several other ways you can whiten your teeth at home. They include:

Whitening Rinses

Whitening rinses are one of the people’s newest products to whiten their teeth. In addition to reducing dental plaque, freshening breath, and reducing gum disease, they have bleaching agents that help whiten your teeth. You swish the whitening rinses around your mouth twice a day before brushing. You’ll have to wait for 12 weeks to get the results.

Whitening Strips

The whitening strips are packaged and placed on the teeth and easily conform to the shape of the teeth. You can wear them during other activities and discard them when their application time is over. However, strips can slip out of space and have side effects like causing teeth sensitivity.

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