What Is A Dental Exam And Cleaning?

What Is A Dental Exam And Cleaning?

Apr 04, 2022

The appearance of your teeth and the state of your dental health are dependent on the amount of care you shower on them. To maintain your teeth and dental health, you must practice good oral hygiene habits. These include regular brushing and flossing of the teeth, proper use of the teeth, and safety equipment during physical activities. However, these are not enough if you do not see a dental professional once in a while. That is because you might not recognize some early signs of diseases, and your toothbrush alone does not offer complete protection. Therefore, you need to go for regular dental checkups, dental cleanings, and examinations.

Dental cleanings and examinations are preventive dental healthcare measures to ensure that you are at no risk of developing dental infections or diseases. A dental examination is a dental procedure in which a dental health professional examines your oral organs for threats of tooth decay, dental cavities, and other dental infections or diseases. A dental cleaning comes after a dental examination. It entails thoroughly cleaning your mouth to rid it of bacteria, dental plaques, tartar, and other agents of dental diseases.

In the absence of any existing dental condition, you should get a dental exam and cleaning near you at least once in six months. Dental examinations help detect risks of gum diseases, bruxism, temporomandibular jaw disorder, and many other dental infections and conditions that you might be ignorant of. Also, professional dental cleaning is more efficient than your regular brushing and flossing as it cleans out all nooks and crannies which your ordinary toothbrush or floss might not be able to reach.

Dental Examination Procedure

Diagnostic machines such as X-rays are used during a dental examination to examine parts of your mouth that are invisible to the naked eye. Typically, a comprehensive dental examination at iSmile San Pablo includes the evaluation of your teeth, gums, tongue health, bite measurement (occlusion), and dental appliances.

What Are Some Different Types Of Dental Examination?

There are different categories of dental examinations. These include:

  • Comprehensive Examination: As its name implies, a comprehensive dental examination is a thorough oral evaluation. Typically, this is necessary for people seeing a new dentist in 94806 for a checkup for the first time. It is also suitable for people who have not had a dental examination in a long time.
  • Regular/periodic dental examination: This type of dental examination you should get at least once in six months. It is for people who already have an existing record with a dentist. This type of dental evaluation might not be as thorough as a comprehensive examination. Also, it might not require an x-ray at every visit, depending on when they were last taken or the patient’s current dental condition.
  • Emergency examination: This dental examination is a “problem-focused” examination. During dental emergencies, it helps identify and diagnose symptoms associated with pain, swelling, etc. It may involve your dentist asking questions about your symptoms, visual evaluation, and an x-ray of the affected area.
  • Follow-up examination: This type of dental examination will help your dentist observe your progress, healing, or symptoms after a dental treatment procedure.

Dental Cleaning Procedure

Dental plaques are sticky films of bacteria that produce acids that damage your teeth, gums, and mouth generally. When they harden, they become tartar, stain the teeth, and are hard to remove. However, a professional dental cleaning procedure employs dental devices to clean the mouth and get rid of dental plaques and tartar. Your teeth might be polished with abrasive substances and fluoride for beauty and protection after.

Why Are Cleanings Important?

The following are the reasons why you should schedule a San Pablo dental exam and cleaning today:

  • Dental cleanings protect your teeth and prevent tooth loss.
  • They keep your breath fresh and prevent halitosis (bad breath).
  • They offer you constant protection from dental cavities.
  • Dental cleanings are a preventive dental measure; therefore, they save you time, money, and energy from undergoing dental treatment procedures.
  • They boost your general health.
  • They help to maintain the beautiful appearance of your teeth.

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