Understanding the Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings

Understanding the Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings

Mar 01, 2022

You are due for your routine dental checkup and put off the dental visit because of your busy schedule. You overlook the friendly reminders you receive from the dentist in San Pablo, CA, promising yourself you will schedule an appointment later. You are behaving like everyone else and putting the routine visits to your dentist on the back burner without realizing you must take these appointments seriously.

Routine exams and cleanings are essential to help you maintain optimal oral health. In addition, dental visits also help you save money. By avoiding or delaying exams and cleanings, you assist severe conditions like gingivitis, periodontal disease, and cavities to fester in your mouth to result in needing expensive dental treatments. However, if you schedule your appointments according to the reminders you receive, you prevent oral health issues like cavities before they aggravate. Most importantly, it’s much more inexpensive to have a hole filled than allow it to worsen to require a root canal.

The ADA recommends you schedule six-monthly dental exams and cleanings for optimal maintenance of your oral health. This article intends to help you realize the importance of dental exams and cleanings.

Benefits of Routine Dental Cleaning and Exam

If you wish to have sparkling clean teeth helping prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease, you must schedule appointments for exams and cleanings in San Pablo, CA, where you receive dental prophylaxis. The benefits of booking an appointment with the dentist are several.

The exams are a preventive measure to ensure no untoward problems are developing in your mouth and to treat any issues if detected early. When you are undergoing a dental exam, the San Pablo dentist checks the overall health of your mouth and takes x-rays while looking for signs of cavities, dental plaque, and tartar. They also perform an in-depth gum check to identify spaces between your teeth and gums.

The dentist also does a general check of your tongue, face, neck, and throat to ensure no apparent issues like inflammation, misaligned bites, and other signs of diseases exist. After a thorough check, the dentist recommends steps for maintaining optimal oral health, including dietary and lifestyle habits.

The Dental Cleaning Procedure

You might not prefer the dental cleaning procedure because a dental hygienist performs a deep cleaning of your teeth to eliminate plaque and tartar buildup as a preventive measure against gingivitis and periodontal disease. The hygienist uses tiny mirrors and a scaler to achieve their goal. In addition, after plaque and tartar removal, your teeth receive a buffing for stain removal make them appear whiter.

The hygienist also flosses your teeth to ensure no debris remains behind from the earlier cleaning and polishing to irritate your gums. You also receive a fluoride treatment to strengthen your enamel in your battle against cavities until your next dental cleaning.

Avoiding routine exams and cleanings makes you susceptible to developing problems with your teeth and mouth. Frequent visits don’t require much time and are an affordable method of preventing unnecessary expenditure on intensive dental treatments.

At the end of your appointment, your dentist and dental hygienist will discuss your need for dental restorations and other treatments later. They also provide you with preventive measures to ensure you keep your dental health in optimal condition by giving you a daily cleaning schedule you can perform at home before sending you away with a farewell gift filled with items to maintain your teeth and gums in healthy condition.

Dental exams and cleanings are not merely about the health of your mouth. Your oral health is associated with your overall health. You need healthy teeth and gums to keep your entire body in healthy condition to ensure a better quality of life. Ignoring exams and cleanings make you prone to issues like periodontal disease, which progresses from gingivitis silently and eventually causes loss of teeth besides affecting other parts of your body.

Gum disease makes you susceptible to conditions affecting your cardiovascular health besides other complications like respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and cancer. Exams and cleanings are available from your dentist, but the problems associated with the improper dental health needs attention from different medical professionals. Therefore, you must avoid unnecessary complications by ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy by getting six-monthly exams and cleanings.

If you are due for your routine checkup, we recommend that you don’t waste time but schedule an appointment with ISmile Dental San Pablo to receive your dental prophylaxis immediately.

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