The Wonderful Benefits of Using Same-Day Crowns

The Wonderful Benefits of Using Same-Day Crowns

May 01, 2020

The use of dental crowns in restorative dentistry procedures is not uncommon. Dental crowns have been used to restore millions of smiles all over the world. They are ideally used to cover and reinforce damaged, chipped, cracked, discolored, and decayed teeth.

Our dentist in San Pablo uses dental crowns to revamp the appearance of patients misshaped or discolored teeth, to cover dental implants, keep dental bridges in place, and for cosmetic dental alterations.

Such dental procedures could typically need a patient to make at least two dental visits and wait for almost 2-3 weeks before getting a permanent crown that is created in an offsite dental laboratory.

Technological advancements, however, have made it possible to get this procedure done in one dental visit. This has been made possible by the inception of same-day crowns, which can be produced within our onsite laboratory in under 2 hours.

A patient getting a dental crown does not need to leave our dentist’s office with a temporary crown; instead, they can walk out of the procedure with their revamped smile on the same day.

What Exactly Are Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns can also be referred to as CEREC. They are similar to the traditional crowns used before; however, same-day crowns can be made in an hour or two in an onsite laboratory during the dental procedure.

This rules out the need for a temporary crown because the 2-3 week waiting window that was mandatory to give room for the permanent crown to be manufactured is no longer necessary.

They are created using modern digital dentistry technology, guaranteeing our patients of a safe, accurate, and rapid dental procedure.

Our same-day crowns’ dentist can execute the entire dental procedure in one visit.

How Are Same-Day Crowns Fabricated?

The manufacture of Same-day crowns is an in-office procedure that requires the use of a pen-sized camera, computer software that designs your crown, and a milling machine that carves out your crown from a ceramic block.

They are fabricated in 3 steps:

  • Our dentist will use a CAD camera technology, to take a digital scan of your teeth, which will be used to fabricate your customized crown.
  • The image is then fed into the computer, and software is used to formulate a digital 3D image of your teeth. This image is then edited with precision factoring in elements such as your tooth indentation, fissures, ridges, and pits.
  • Once the accurate final image is ready, the milling machine can utilize it to carve out a replica of this image to fabricate your crown.

Due to the precision that goes into detailing the final image, same-day crowns are so accurate, and they require no additional alterations or adjustments.

The use of the CAD camera and computer software to fabricate the crown helps to rule out human error, which used to occur when using the impression putty method and stone models to fabricate crowns in the laboratory.

This technology is also quite handy when our dentist has to design multiple crowns for a given procedure because the computer software will ensure he fabricates all crowns as accurately as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Using Same-Day Crowns?

Here are some of the benefits of same-day crowns:

    • Guarantees a Faster Transformation

You no longer have to wait for several weeks to get your new crown while wearing a temporary crown. Same-day crowns ensure that you will get to walk out our dentist’s office on the same day of your procedure, wearing your brand new permanent smile.

    • Better Precision

The use of digital imaging and software to fabricate your crown ensures that you get a more precise, comfortable, and snug-fitting crown and rules out the need for readjustments during the dental procedure. Our Same-day crowns dentist can be able to give you a natural-looking and long-lasting result.

    • Saves On Time

Same-day crowns eradicate the need for multiple dental visits to get fitted with your crown. The traditional crowns required up to 3 dental visits to get fitted in, but same-day crowns get fabricated and fitted in on the same dental visit. This rules out the need for multiple visits to our dentist for one dental procedure.

    • Cost-Effective

Considered pocket friendly because you will not have to pay for more dental appointments to get the procedure done or for temporary crowns.

At iSmile San Pablo, we have a well-equipped dental clinic and a vastly experienced same-day crowns dentist. We are ready to help you transform your smile for the better.

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