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Root Canal Treatment

One of the most misunderstood dental procedures is the root canal. However, it is a safe and painless option for individuals who are experiencing severe tooth decay and infection. When you visit a contemporary office like iSmile Dental San Pablo in San Pablo, CA, we combine friendly and knowledgeable staff with the latest technology to ensure your root canal will be completed painlessly.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a restorative dental procedure that treats the soft tissue inside of the tooth. The exterior is composed of a durable enamel that resists decay from plaque, but the interior has nerves and pulp responsible for holding the tooth in place and keeping it healthy and strong. If a tooth decays too far, then this pulp becomes infected and causes severe pain.

During a root canal, our experienced San Pablo dentist near you and endodontist will treat this infected pulp. First, your mouth will be numbed using a local aesthetic. A small hole is then made in the enamel. From the small hole, our dentist will remove the damaged tissues from the interior. This procedure involves taking out the pulp that exists all the way down to the roots of the tooth.

With the tissue removed, the interior of the tooth is sanitised and filled with a substance called gutta-percha. The tooth is then topped with a crown that protects the structure and helps it remain stable. The result is a tooth that remains in place without any pain and is no longer at risk of falling out.

The Benefits of Root Canal

The most immediate benefit patients experience at iSmile Dental San Pablo dentist in San Pablo, CA is the alleviation of pain and suffering. Our skilled endodontist can perform the procedure so well that you will no longer struggle to eat, chew, and perform other regular tasks. You will be able to return to your normal routine.

The next benefit is prevention. We believe the best smile is a healthy one, and this means not only treating but preventing future problems. When an infected tooth receives a root canal, it no longer poses a threat to the gums or nearby teeth, preventing future infections and abscesses.

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