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Many people have under- or overbites that are almost unnoticeable, but these dental conditions are more severe for others. However, some mild underbites need correcting to avoid dental complications. Instead of wearing metal or ceramic braces, Invisalign®️ can correct many bite issues.

How Invisalign Corrects Bite Problems

Although most dentists recommend braces to correct moderate to severe bite problems, one of our San Pablo dentists at iSmile Dental San Pablo may recommend aligners to older teens and adults who have milder under- or overbites. Invisalign aligners are clear, plastic aligners that can help correct teeth by applying pressure to them.

Since an under-bite occurs when the bottom teeth stick out further than the upper teeth, it can cause several problems. Some people may have speech impediments due to the positioning of their teeth, or they may not be able to chew their food correctly. Also, because the upper and lower teeth might clash when speaking, the enamel can sustain damage.

Using Clear Aligners to Correct Bites

Aligners work in much the same way that metal braces do, by applying steady pressure on the teeth to move them. However, aligners don’t use brackets and wires that undergo tightening as the teeth begin to move. Instead, the aligners come in a set of trays to wear for two weeks, with the next tray slightly tighter than the previous one.

They gradually move the teeth about 1/10mm a day, so over a few weeks or months, your teeth move into the proper position. Once you’ve finished using the Invisalign, you will wear a retainer for approximately six months to ensure that your teeth remain in their new positions.

Using Aligners for Severe Bite Issues

Usually, aligners are not recommended if you have a severe under-bite. However, if your problem involves lower jaw surgery to move it back to correct the position of the teeth, our dentists at iSmile Dental San Pablo may be able to recommend Invisalign®️. If the under-bite is minor after surgery, then the aligners can correct their positions.

Whether you have an under- or overbite, our dentists in San Pablo, CA have the experience and knowledge to correct your teeth.

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