Emergency Dentistry in San Pablo, CA

Are you experiencing a dental emergency and looking for a dentist in San Pablo, CA that can provide the diagnosis and treatment you need to get back to 100 percent? If so, you’ll be pleased to read that iSmile San Pablo provides emergency dentistry near you and has helped countless patients find the relief they need through the family, general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry we offer.

How Our Emergency Dentist Near You Can Help

If you’re visiting from out of town and need the help of a dentist in San Pablo, CA to treat your dental emergency, our dental care team is here to help. Our patients are already familiar with the gentle, professional, and exemplary dental care we provide in our modern San Pablo, CA dentist office, but we’re here to help new patients too.

As a multi-specialty dentist, we can treat any number of dental emergencies such as a broken tooth; a lost crown, filling, or dental veneer; sudden and unexplained pain in the mouth or jaw area, and more.

Call our office now to get in touch with a member of our dental care team so your dental emergency can be triaged over the telephone before visiting our office. In some cases, we may be able to provide instruction on what to do with a loose or broken tooth or dental crown so your procedure can be more efficient when you arrive.

Action Plan for a Broken Tooth

In addition to calling our San Pablo, CA dentist office, there are some things you can do while waiting for your appointment. For example, if your tooth has been knocked out, you should immediately wash away any dirt or debris from your mouth. Next, if you can locate the tooth and it’s still intact, try placing it back into the socket from where it was broken and hold it in place until our dentist can see you.

If you can’t reinsert the tooth or the tooth that’s been broken is not an adult tooth, there are two actions that you can choose from. First, cover the tooth and/or fragments in a small amount of milk in a glass or cup. If that’s not possible because of your current location, place the tooth and/or fragments between your cheek and gums to prevent undesired drying of the dental material.

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