Dental Implants in San Pablo, CA

If you want to replace teeth that are missing, dental implants are a good choice for many people. However, if you’re missing several teeth, then implant surgery can be expensive. Instead of using implants to replace all your missing teeth, you can get mini dental implants to secure a dental plate or a set of dentures in your mouth.

Reasons for Choosing Mini Implants

If you have or need a dental plate, a bridge, or dentures, then you can secure the replacement teeth with mini implants. Since most types of teeth replacements sit on top of the gums, they may move around when there isn’t enough adhesive on them.

They can also become loose with time and need relining to fit tighter. If you lose weight, your gums may shrink if you lose more than five pounds, causing your dentures or bridge to slip when you’re talking or eating. One of our San Pablo dentists at iSmile San Pablo will examine your gums and its ridges to determine if you would benefit from mini implants.

They will explain how mini implants could benefit you by keeping your replacement teeth securely in place and being able to eat more comfortably. If you decide to get them to secure your dentures, you may not need to spend money on a new of teeth. Instead, our dentists in San Pablo, CA may be able to attach your current dentures to the implants.

Additional Mini Implant Benefits

The surgery to put in mini implants is not as complex as with regular implants, so it is less invasive, and the recovery time is much shorter. Only our best dentists at iSmile San Pablo have extensive educations and experience working with mini implants.

They can ensure that the apparatus to attach your dentures to the implants is correctly measured and in place the day of your surgery. Since the surgery is less invasive, the implantation only takes one to two hours, and you should be wearing the mini implants when going home that day.

Some patients can eat as soon as two hours after their mini implants go into their mouths, and any discomfort you may experience should dissipate within 48 hours. If you want a secure fit for your dentures, contact us about mini dental implants in San Pablo, CA.

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