Tooth Extraction in San Pablo, CA

Although our San Pablo dentist strives to save as many teeth as possible, sometimes an teeth extraction in San Pablo, CA is necessary. Before you have an extraction, we inform you about all of your options. This helps you make an informed decision as to whether an extraction is the ideal solution for your issue.

At iSmile San Pablo, serving dental treatment in San Pablo, CA and the nearby region, our dentist offers the option of an tooth extraction near you. We make it as pleasant of an experience as possible. Plus, we’re always available for follow-ups if you have any issues in the future.

Why Would You Need an Extraction

You may need an tooth extraction near San Pablo if you have severe decay on a tooth. Generally, we only recommend an extraction if you have tooth decay in the center of the tooth. At this point, the decay damages the pulp – the portion of your tooth that contains nerves.

Sometimes, we advise our patients to get an tooth extraction in San Pablo, CA if you have periodontal disease, and it damaged your gums and tissue severely.

On the other hand, you may have a tooth that can’t erupt all the way. This issue is known as an impacted tooth. To prevent infection or other complications, our dentist may recommend an extraction.

Our dentist also provides an emergency tooth extraction near you if you have overly crowded teeth, a severe infection, or tooth damage from an accident.

The Difference a Dentist Who Cares Makes

The process of removing a tooth is relatively simple. Our dentist uses a tool known as an elevator to dislodge your tooth. Once loose, our dentist uses forceps to remove it. In some cases, our dentist may need to break the tooth into pieces to remove it.

We understand this can seem overwhelming for patients. Our dentist and the rest of our team educate you thoroughly, so you know what to expect. We provide various options for sedation to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the extraction. During the process, our dentist takes the time to remove your tooth altogether without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. Finally, our dentist and staff provides you with instructions to take care of your socket.

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