Fluoride Therapy Effective for Building Strong Teeth to Prevent Cavities

Fluoride Therapy Effective for Building Strong Teeth to Prevent Cavities

Jun 01, 2021

For over seven decades, most tap water in America contains trace amounts of fluoride to reduce tooth decay. Approximately 25 percent of tooth decay is reduced by fluoridated water, states the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC). Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, helps build healthy teeth to prevent cavities.

If you are at a high risk of tooth decay, you might benefit significantly from fluoride therapy near you. However, the dentist near me may determine fluoride therapy is not suitable for everyone.

This article looks at the benefits and side effects of fluoride therapy besides the treatment recommendations.

What Precisely Is Fluoride Therapy?

When you visit the dentist in San Pablo, CA, for routine exams and cleanings, part of the procedure includes fluoride therapy in San Pablo, CA. In-office fluoride treatments from dental professionals contain high concentrations of fluoride applied to your teeth by the dentist or hygienist. The fluoride application helps improve dental health and reduces the chances of cavities developing. Professional fluoride therapy is usually in the form of a solution, gel, varnish, or foam.

You can find some concentrated fluoride treatments for use at home but will benefit if you use them under the guidance of your dentist.

Fluoride used by dentists is similar to fluoride in toothpaste. However, the treatment contains concentrated doses to offer immediate benefits.

How Does Fluoride and Fluoride Therapy Benefit You?

Your teeth benefit in many ways when you receive fluoride therapy.

  • Fluoride helps your body to make better use of minerals like calcium and phosphate. Your teeth reabsorb the minerals to repair weakened tooth enamel.
  • Fluoride adheres to the tooth structure when the teeth are developing, strengthening the enamel making them less susceptible to bacterial and cavities for long.
  • Fluoride can slow or reverse the development of cavities by harmful bacteria in your mouth.

When coupled together with the benefits of fluoride therapy can:

  • Inhibit the risk of cavities or slow down their growth.
  • Fluoride therapy delays the necessity of expensive dental work.
  • Fluoride can prolong the life of baby teeth.
  • With fluoride therapy, you reduce the time and money you spend at dentist’s offices.

When you successfully prevent cavities from developing or slow down the growth of bacteria with fluoride therapy, you also avoid the development of gum disease, alleviate pain, and prevent premature loss of teeth.

The WHO states fluoride therapy improves oral health, a significant predictor of your overall health. Poor oral health contributes to various health conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

Fluoride Therapy Recommendations

Frequent exposure to fluoride in small amounts daily is optimal for reducing the risk of dental cavities for all ages states the CDC and the ADA. Drinking fluoridated water with optimal fluoride levels, brushing teeth two times daily with fluoride toothpaste provides you with optimal fluoride levels. Adults and children at a higher risk of cavities receive additional benefits from fluoride therapy.

A familiar chronic childhood disease among children is dental cavities which have overtaken asthma. Fluoride therapy for children is recommended by the American Academy of pediatrics soon as children’s teeth emerge to prevent decay, pain, and other dental infections. Dentists repeat fluoride treatments during routine dental visits every six months, depending on the child’s risk of cavities.

Fluoride overexposure causes adverse complications. Therefore parents must supervise their children when brushing their teeth. Children under three must not receive more than a rice-sized grain of fluoridated toothpaste. Children between three and six may use a pea-sized grain of toothpaste. Parents must ensure children spit out the toothpaste as swallowing it can cause fluorosis. All children under six years must refrain from using fluoride rinses or mouthwashes.

The Effectiveness of Fluoride Therapy

Fluoride therapy is incredibly beneficial as it is established by various randomized trials as an effective remedy for preventing tooth decay. Fluoride varnish has a substantial effect on preventing cavities in primary and permanent teeth.

Fluoride therapy is beneficial for most, and the side effects are usually minimal compared to the benefits. Side effects can occur when you swallow fluoride in high quantities. That said, we must also mention that fluoride therapy isn’t safe for all people at all times. You must discuss your risks of cavities or tooth decay with the San Pablo dentist before seeking fluoride therapy as a preventive measure against cavities.

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