Five Reasons Why You Need the Best Dental Care in San Pablo

Five Reasons Why You Need the Best Dental Care in San Pablo

Nov 11, 2020

Not everyone goes to the dentist as they should. Part of the problem is lack of time or prioritizing dental care. But more often, the reason is not having a dental clinic that one can go to and get the best dental care. And, not having regular dental checkups can have dire consequences to your oral health. That is why at iSmile San Pablo, we strive to offer the best dental care. This is to motivate you to get routine dental checkups as recommended by the American Dental Association. This post highlights five reasons/ benefits of getting the best dental care in San Pablo.

1. Prevent dental decay

Dental decay is a common problem, but addressing it is very simple—maintain proper dental hygiene. That is, however, something that several people struggle with. That is not the whole picture; regular brushing can eliminate the food particles and some plaques. However, at times, plaques still accumulate, and if they are not removed, they can harden and form tartar. Also, the plaques cause the bacteria to multiply and affect the enamel. All these lead to decay and cavities. That is, we recommend coming for a professional cleaning every six months. Our dentist in San Pablo, CA, will do a deep clean to remove plaque buildup from above and under the gums. This will keep your teeth healthy and free of cavities. Furthermore, during the checkup, the dentist may also give you fluoride treatment. Fluoride is the natural cavity fighter because it strengthens the enamel and also reverses mild dental cavities. Fluoride treatment is given every six months. However, if you are prone to cavities, the dentist may recommend the treatment every three months. For children, our San Pablo dentist may recommend dental sealants. These are coatings applied on the teeth to shield them from bacteria. If the child has primary teeth, pediatric dental crowns may be ideal.

2. Prevent gum disease

Gum or periodontal disease is also a common dental problem. The problem with gum disease is that it advances in stages and rarely causes any symptoms at the beginning. Poor hygiene is the chief cause of gum infection. That is why it is important to keep your teeth and gums clean. But more than that, you need to come for a routine dental cleaning to get rid of tartar. Periodontitis (advanced gum disease) can cause the gums to recede and tooth decay. In severe cases, it may cause tooth extraction. Also, the inflammation may spread to the rest of the body and affect your overall well-being. Remember, gum disease is linked to other health problems like heart health.

3. Get oral cancer screening

The Oral Cancer Foundation reports that approximately 53,000 American adults have oral cancer, and one person succumbs to the disease every 24 hours. While oral cancer screening does not prevent the disease, it increases the chances of getting detected early. Oral cancer screening is done at your routine dental checkup or according to your dentist’s recommendation.

4. Keep Your Natural Teeth and Maintain Your Dental Structure

By getting the best dental care at San Pablo, you will, in turn, keep your teeth clean and healthy. This is the primary step in preventing tooth extraction. Remember, decay can affect your teeth and cause them to be removed. Tooth extraction can cause the teeth to shift to the nearby spaces causing the teeth and dental structure to weaken.

5. Maintain a bright smile

Our teeth do get discolored either because of age or lifestyle. When you come for your dental checkup, our cosmetic dentist can notice these stains and perform a teeth whitening treatment. Professional teeth whitening is safe and can give you the best Teeth whitening results. Regular teeth cleaning can also remove the yellow stain. It does not brighten the teeth but will keep them white.

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