Can You Get Coverage for Dental Implants from CareSource?

Can You Get Coverage for Dental Implants from CareSource?

Feb 01, 2022

Loss of one or several teeth due to disease, infections, or injuries can heap upon you several challenges affecting your appearance, overall health, and smile. You find an overbearing need to replace the missing teeth as soon as possible because replacement solutions are not over-the-counter applications you insert in your mouth. Even if you consider dentures, you have to spend several weeks without teeth while visiting dentists near you frequently for multiple appointments.

If you want a replacement solution lasting you for life, you must research dental implants near me because no other replacement option can mimic the durability and strength of dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts embedded into your jawbone to function as your artificial tooth root. The process requires surgery and several months of healing before you can eventually have a fake tooth placed over the implant to replace your natural tooth. Besides requiring several months for recovery and multiple appointments when dentists dental implants are also expensive, costing around $ 6000 per tooth.

If you have dental insurance and visit the dentists in San Pablo, CA, most will likely want to ascertain the kind of coverage you have before they offer dental implants to you. Unfortunately, most insurance companies cover merely part of the costs of implants instead of providing full coverage. However, if you have dental CareSource®, you receive coverage for the implants as an adult. In addition, the policy from CareSource also covers associated expenses, including anesthesia and hospitalization, except as mentioned by law.

How Can You Proceed with the Dental Implant Procedure?

When seeking dental implants in San Pablo, CA, it helps if you contact the local dentists for an evaluation to determine whether you have sufficient jawbone to maintain the placements. If your jawbone is too thin or soft, you may need a bone graft or sinus lift before starting the dental implant process. In addition, your gums must be free from gum disease.

Dental implants are embedded to replace one or several teeth. How many teeth you want to have replaced will determine what procedure you can expect. Implant surgery is usually outpatient and performed under local, IV, or general anesthesia. Your provider will let you know the type of anesthesia you need.

Dental Implant Placement

When placing dental implants, oral surgeons must cut your gums to expose the jawbone beneath. They drill holes deep into the jawbone to insert the dental implant. If you prefer, a temporary denture is placed over the embedded post until a permanent tooth can be attached later.

You require a period of healing of around 2 to 6 months to ensure new bone grows around the implant. The healing period is called osseointegration. Osseointegration ensures new natural bone strengthens and extends around the implanted post to keep it firmly in place to function as your artificial tooth root.

After you have healed from the implant placement surgery, the dentists attach a metal extender called an abutment to the implant. Abutments help to connect the replacement tooth to the implant. If the dentist did not place the abutment during implant placement, you need minor surgery to screw the abutment onto the dental implant. In addition, you need several weeks of healing after abutment placement.

Placing Your Permanent Tooth

Placement of your permanent tooth happens after you have healed from the second surgery. Your dentist impressions your teeth to have your permanent teeth fabricated in a dental laboratory. You can either have a removable or fixed tooth over the implant.

Your new teeth appear and feel natural. Implanted teeth are not challenging to manage but need daily cleaning by brushing and flossing. You don’t need unique materials to look after them and can treat them the same way as your natural teeth. However, you must remain diligent with your dental hygiene to ensure plaque buildup doesn’t accumulate around the teeth to cause gum disease, a leading cause of implant failure.

Costs of Dental Implants

The total costs for dental implants will depend on the number of teeth you want to have replaced besides the extent of each procedure. The location of your dentist’s office also plays a role in the price.

Unlike dentures of bridges, most dental insurance doesn’t cover the costs of dental implants, which can range from $ 2000-$ 3000 per tooth for the implant without considering the cost of the abutment and the dental crown. After you add the costs of other materials, the price for the implant can go as high as $ 6000. Therefore having CareSource cover for dental implants makes it convenient for you to have natural-looking teeth lasting for a lifetime in your mouth.

If you want additional information on how CareSource insurance can conveniently help you get the dental implants, please get in touch with iSmile Dental San Pablo for the replacement teeth you need.

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